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From the Boardroom to the Courtroom, Serving St. Louis for More Than 25 Years.

Outstanding service in the law has little to do with 15-foot-high ceilings, one-of-a-kind marble conference tables or triple billing for meetings by a partner and two associates. In reality, when you’re selecting a law firm, it’s depth of experience, results and integrity that make all the difference. That’s what distinguishes Weiss Attorneys at Law from other larger firms. We specialize in representing small- and medium-sized businesses and individuals in areas of corporate, commercial, employment, franchise, general contracts, small business, real estate, litigation, arbitration, estate planning and probate, taxation, as well as asbestos and toxic tort defense.

So whatever your legal needs – whether it’s business-related or personal – Weiss offers unique insight, exceptional representation and big-firm experience. All backed by the accountability, attentiveness and service of a small firm.



Proven Experience & Proficiency Critical To Your Success.

Weiss may be small in size, but we're big on experience in the legal landscape. In fact, we provide proven and firsthand experience in over 10 legal practice areas most important to you:

Affordable Care Act

Estate Planning & Probate
Mediation & Arbitration

Professional Licensing
Real Estate
Small Business Consulting


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